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 The Deep Web or ‘Darknet’ is known for its higher level of anonymity and privacy. Websites of this segment of the internet can't be accessed via ordinary web browsers. Darknet concentrates sites providing unlawful services as well as communities engaged in illegal activities.

 Due to blocking of many interesting sites and services, TOR and Darknet resources become more and more popular nowadays. In fact, those are usual websites but with .onion domain names and the TOR has much in common with Firefox but has an add-on that allows to change user’s IP and keep him anonymous.

 The darknet websites have hidden IP-addresses of the server they areplaced at. Darknet links have .onion domain names and can be accessed via TOR Browser.


TOR Browser and How it Works

 Undoubtedly, recently it has become popular to enter sites from another IP address. In modern browsers, you can set the VPN function and view the pages of any country without restrictions.

 The extension or widget with anonymous access can be installed on all popular browsers. TOR is a special browser that works through a chain of servers and allows you to log into blocked sites. When a user logs into sites through the TOR (The Onion Router) network, all traffic passes through a large number of sites.

 That is, it is almost impossible to track a user who visits websites through this program. When using the TOR browser, the user becomes “invisible” on the Darknet network. Because tracking its activity, visiting specific servers and sending messages is very difficult.

The program is needed to log in to Darknet for secure work in order to gain access to the blocked site. The source information will be encrypted when the user logs on to the network via the TOR network. All traffic passes through a virtual channel with a consistent and random chain of servers from different countries.

 In addition, each server is encrypted with the previous one and an anonymous network is obtained. It transmits traffic and does not display any data about the user and his location. If suddenly the TOR browser does not open the pages, read how to configure the browser. We highly recommend to download it from the official website only.


How to Access the Darknet via TOR Browser and Surf Safely

This method helps to enter the Darknet and makes the user invisible. That is, to intercept his data and find out the IP-address is impossible. Among many modern browsers with VPN support, TOR is in the lead.

 TOR browser can not protect against monitoring traffic on its network. A user working in this program leaves traces of entry and exit of the network. The program protects the data, but can not hide the recognition of traffic.

 TOR Browser to access Darknet links is still the best for anonymous site visits. Moreover, this browser is much safer to use than the built-in VPN function in ordinary browsersin anonymous visit tests to get into darknet via VPN. Since tracking the traffic TOR turned out to be much more difficult. Later, web sites learned to block the entrance through the TOR network or offer a limited mode of operation. Moreover, there are no more restrictions to work in anonymous mode.

 When using TOR browser for Darknet you cannot change the data in Wikipedia, even using the different IP address. Wikipedia has a block for anonymous visits called TorBlock.


Most Interesting TOR Links

Using TOR has become very popular. Some users use the program for illegal actions. But most of the population uses the program for positive work in the network.

 To cut the long story short, The Hidden Wiki is the first must-visit website for a TOR newbie looking for some real rich content. It provides links to almost all resources of the deep web. However, you should be aware of scamming. The most important links are enclosed from vandals and spammers.

A shortlist of the most curiousDarknet links for TOR Browser you may find below:


http://secmailw453j7piv.onion/ - secMail - secure mail service
http://msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion/ - Ahima - Search Tor Hidden Services
http://zuxkms43g54nzhkk37nmd.onion/ - CLONED CARDS / WU / Paypal
http://3mbry5hhhk3jfbx7muc.onion/ - E-Shopper - Credit Cards PayPal Western Union Transfers
http://torbox3uiot6wchz.onion/ - TorBox - hidden mailbox service
http://uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion/ - The galaxy's most resilient BitTorrent site
http://blockchainbdgpzk.onion/ - Blockchain - Bitcoin Block Explorer
http://oiswwblhcp7tv5pgdsm7thvn.onion/ - APPLE SHOP - store of stolen electronics
http://bnkgnccepweowy5oqxuop2w57.onion/ - DRUGS - Cocaine, Ecstasy, LSD, Meth, Cannabis
https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/ - Facebook - Facebook’s Onion